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I've been on the web for several years but this is my first home page.
Because I really didn't have anything to say to anyone but I see that didn't stop the rest of you sooooo here's my page.

I moved to the mountains of NC (1999) to live amidst their beauty and to enjoy what solitude they provide. Recently, I bought the two adjoining lots (5 acres) across the road to keep someone like me from building there.
"To love the world, you have to get away from it."
The Priest from my favorite movie, The King of Hearts.
"And here I sit so patiently
waiting to find out what price
you have to pay to get out of
going through all these things twice."
Memphis Blues Again, Bob Dylan
"Like a bird on a wire,
Like a drunk in a midnight choir,
I have tried, in my way, to be free."
Bird On a Wire, Leonard Cohen
"You may call my love Sophia but I call my love Philosophy."
A Sense of Wonder, Van Morrison
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although I would discourage it
kindly do so to this address:


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